Is There a Real McCain?

Maureen Dowd

The Maverick’s buck stops here.

John McCain is no longer the media’s delight and his party’s burr, bucking convention with infectious relish.

The man used to be such a constructive independent that some of his Republican Senate colleagues called him a traitor. Now he’s such a predictable obstructionist that he’s in the just-say-no vanguard with the same conservatives who used to despise him.

On Tuesday afternoon on the floor, Senator Mitch McConnell, who contemptuously fought McCain’s campaign finance reform bill all the way to the Supreme Court, oozed admiration toward his Arizona colleague, as McCain did yet another

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End the War by Winning It

John McCain

I think President Obama made the right decision to embrace a counterinsurgency strategy for Afghanistan and to resource it properly.  I would have much preferred that Gen. Stanley McChrystal receive the entire force he had requested.  But I have spoken with our military and civilian leaders, and I think the 30,000 additional U.S. troops that the president has called for -- plus greater force commitments from our allies -- will enable us to reverse the momentum of the insurgency and create the conditions for success in Afghanistan.  I support the president's decision, and I think it deserves the

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